The American church is rotting, says Adam Cozort

Church of ChristWe told Adam Cozort that his latest article sounded like a red-faced missionary on a rant. That was meant to be a compliment. Among other things, he wrote today,

Friends, let’s be honest, the church is not dying. There are parts of this country where the church is still thriving and growing. The problem is not that the church is dying or becoming outdated; instead, the problem is that the church is rotting.

As a whole the Lord’s church in America has begun rotting from the inside because of lack of function. Anything that does not get used for long periods of time ceases functioning as it should; it matters not whether it is the muscles of the human body or the gears of a piece of machinery, over time things rust, deteriorate, and fall apart. Such is also the case with the body of Christ when it sits idle for long periods of time. Sadly, this has become the tale of many congregations.

You’ll want to read the whole article.

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