Not just for teens: In the shifting ‘Daily Do’ some priorities stay on top

PrioritiesCarl Hanson’s TeenMail reminds all of us today that our “Daily Do!” may get shifted around, but some things ought to remain at the top of the list.

Priorities! Do you find them shifting in your life? Do you find yourself frequently re-ordering things? With busy lives, many worthwhile things to accomplish, full calendars, and the reality of only so many hours in a day do, you find yourself having to choose even between the good and the better or the urgent and the truly important? Still, even in the midst of that are there still some consistencies? Are there priorities that ALWAYS REMAIN AT THE TOP of the list?

Carl doesn’t talk down to anybody. He talks up the Lord Jesus Christ.

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About James Randal
Randal has lived in Brazil with his family since 1984. He teaches the gospel in person, in print and on the Internet. Email him!

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